TV Production

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What is TV & TV Station Structure
Building Block of Modern TV Channels
News Room, Studio
Production Control Room (PCR)
Master Control Room (MCR)
Transmission, Satellite
Monitoring, Archive, Editing

News Room & Bureaus
Functions of CNR & Bureaus
Important Desks in News Room
Working in News Room
Video Editing

Production Control Room (PCR)
Function of PCR, Gadgets of PCR
Video Switcher & Its Types
Audio Mixers & Use of Audio Mixer
Use of Different Equipments

Recording Studio

Video Camera, Camera Types, Camera Functions, Camera Operation
Camera Support, Microphones & Types,
Studio Lighting, Basics Set Types & Designing

Set & Lighting Techniques for TV Studio
Basic Set Design & Its Types
Importance of Lighting, Types of Lighting
Efficient Use & Errors of Lighting

Satellite Communication of TV
What is Satellite
How Satellite Works
How Satellite Use For TV

The Production Team & its Responsibilities
Pre Production Team
Production Team
Post Production Team

Cloths & Make Up for TV
Cloths for Chroma and Outdoor Recording

Graphic for TV
Why Graphics
How Graphics works
Advantages of Graphics

Course Duration : 4 months (Theory & Practical)
Mode of Delivery : 3 Lectures of 3 hours/week
Course consist on 50% Practical Work

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